Opera Idols (NYC) is a communications branch of NYC's Met Opera National Council Auditions Committee (MONC Eastern Region). If you would like to submit comments or articles, please feel free to do so to either:

Editor-In-Chief - Stefanie Van Steelandt stefanievansteelandt@gmail.com

Guest Bloggers are welcome, please submit to Stefanie at the above email address.

Visit MONC ER's official site at www.operaidols.com

Opera Idols Mission Statement

The purpose of Opera Idols, a communications arm of the National Council Auditions Eastern Region Committee, is to help our singers to develop their careers from the start, i.e. as soon as they apply, through the following activities:

a) providing exposure via blog interview articles and sharing their audition experiences
b) promoting the auditions and building an audience for their auditions (provides them this highly useful experience)
c) informing audiences of their whereabouts and on-goings
d) providing articles that help future applicants understand the ins and outs of the application and audition processes