Sunday, October 20, 2013

Maestro Levine talks to Charlie Rose

Last Friday Maestro Levine appeared on the Charlie Rose show for an hour-long interview.  You can watch the interview below, but this is the advice Maestro Levine had for young singers:

"What do you look for in a singer? To me, I say, I look for the best in that singer, that individual singer. But when singers audition; I beg them when they are going to audition, come out on stage, do your thing and don't spend a moment on whether you get this job or not. You have no idea what the people who are listening are looking for; you have no idea what their criteria are and what their conception of the part may be. And you may sing marvelously and they give the part to somebody who is a different element or a different who knows. Or you may have a not particularly good day and be exactly what they were looking for... 
What one wants to hear is a singer clearly functioning with what they have got, and what you don't want is somebody trying to make up for something that isn't there. I always beg young singers not to audition too soon. Not to audition when they may have something that within a year or two could be so easily remedied and then when they audition no one will be able to tell what they have had forever and what they had only learned in the last two years."

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