Saturday, March 2, 2013

George London Awards

Congratulations to Felicia and toi toi toi for the Semi Finals tomorrow to all our Semi-Finalists.  

Don't forget to check back tomorrow and find out if Karen Vuong, Matthew Anchel and Felicia Moore are moving on to the Grand Finals.  

GEORGE LONDON AWARDS ($10,000 each):
Dominic Armstrong, Tenor – George London Award (In memory of Lloyd Rigler)
Noah Baetge, Tenor – George London-Kirsten Flagstad Award (For a singer preparing for a Wagnerian career)
Jamez McCorkle, Baritone – George London Award
Felicia Moore, Soprano – George London Award
Jessica Muirhead, Soprano – George London Award (For a Canadian singer)
Nicholas Pallesen, Baritone – George London Award (Sponsored by The Lissner Charitable Fund)
Marcy Stonikas, Soprano – George London-Leonie Rysanek Award

"The goal of the London Foundation, the support and nurturing of young singers, was an abiding interest of the great American bass-baritone George London, who devoted a great part of the time and energy of his later years to this purpose. “Remembering his difficult road to success, George wanted to devise a way to make the road a little easier for future generations of singers,” said George London Foundation President Nora London." 

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