Friday, February 15, 2013

Where are they now: Sheherazade Holman

Sheherazade Holman

Mezzo-Soprano from Brooklyn, New York 
Age 22

OI: What have you been up to since the District Auditions?
SH: Since the Monc Auditions, I have been back in school full time continuing my education. I'm currently a senior attending Nyack College School of Music right here in the city and I will be graduating this May 2013! I am very excited. I am in the process of preparing myself for my senior recital along with my school's concert at Lincoln Center in April to celebrate the School of Music's 75th anniversary.

OI: What upcoming performances do you have planned?
SH: I am always singing in church when I am not in school or rehearsing for an engagement with the Gospel group I am in, called "David Metayer and One Accord". We have a scheduled engagement this Saturday February 16th at Boston College singing with other gospel artists. However, the most important date in my book for which I am now preparing is my senior recital which will be April 20th at 6pm at Nyack College. I am very excited about it as it will be bittersweet. It marks the end of one chapter in my life; getting my Bachelor's Degree. However, it marks a new beginning because I will be moving on to new challenges and obtaining my goals that I plan to reach. One goal being singing at the MET one day!

OI: Do you have a favorite opera?
SH: I don't really have a favorite, but if I had to choose an opera, I would say I enjoy the story of Carmen. I hope to become a great Carmen one day. I am actually going to see it March 1st at the MET. This will be my first opera that I will be seeing live and not on a television screen so I am excited.

OI: How important was winning the Encouragement Award to you?
SH: The prize money actually came at a time when I had no income. I was in the process of finding a job and being a full time college student. I had some priorities to attend to, so that money helped me to afford neccessities that I deemed helpful not only in my personal affairs but also towards school essentials as well.

OI: What did the experience of participating in the Monc Auditions teach you?

My experience of participating in the auditions taught me that my dream was actually in my grasp and it wasn't impossible. With hard work, dedication and perseverance I could actually have the opportunity to reach my dream. Since I was a little girl attending this performing arts school in Harlem, my love for music, especially classical music, was nurtured. I was afforded great opportunities to participate in performances, to travel and tour, and to be introduced to new languages and different repertoires. As I grew up, my love for great divas like Jessy Norman, Leontyne Price and my mentor Ms. Nakemia Riely, showed me that if I work hard, I could realize my dream of being a great and famous opera singer.
Having this opportunity to have my first opera competition be for the MET was so unreal to me, and till this day it's still amazing! The fact that I was able to stand before greatness was extraordinary and it showed me my dream of being an opera singer at the MET was obtainable! I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to experience the audition process. It has taught me not only what I am capable of doing but it showed me what I need to do to be better and be more prepared. I see what it takes to be successful and I plan to come back to audition in the near future. I believe that the Monc Audition was only the beginning of many great auditions to come and I welcome every opportunity!

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