Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gala 2013 as Photographed by Rebecca Fay: The Reception

I would like to start by thanking our amazing photographer Rebecca Fay, who generously donated her time to photograph our gala and make sure we have amazing pictures for posterity.
So, without any exceptions, all photographs are "Courtesy of Rebecca Fay".

The Preparations

Committee Member Tom Cannon Jr. awaiting the guests

Polish Art at the Kosciuszko Foundation

Everyone likes surprises...and we had many planned for the evening

Gift bags generously provided by Neuhaus 

Beautiful flower creations generously provided by MJD Flower and Event Design

The beaded tuxedo shoes of our treasurer Andrew Urbanski

ER Chair Lara Marcon helping committee member Danielle Strauss with her ribbon
How to identify a MONC ER committee member?
Committee member Michelle Everett adjusting her ribbon.  

Committee member Kelly Davis showing off her gorgeous dress

The Reception

Mrs. Leslie Brereton (right) and friend
Joseph Harding talking to committee member Michelle Everett

Just water for Karen Vuong and Takaoki Onishi as they await to perform 

Our guest-of-honor Eric Owens has arrived.
Eric Owens preparing his surprise with pianist Dan Franklin Smith.

Harold Palmer Award and Rohatyn Great Promise Award Winner

Bob and Mary Hobart

Committee member Danielle Strauss talking to Treasurer Andrew Urbanski
So many choices... 

Francis Carling talking to Chair Lara Marcon 
Annie Vanloo
A gathering of committee members.
MONC ER Chair Lara Marcon
Eric Owens charming the crowds
Coconut Shrimp
Seared Tuna
Chef de Cuisine

Melissa Wegner, Associate Director of the National Council Auditions
Daniel Ferris and Sue Hochberg
Nancy Hayward
Barbara Orzakiewicz arriving
Melissa Wegner

Charles Palmer and John Re 

Treasurer Andrew Urbanski with Eric Laffont and Barbara Orzakiewicz

Tara Mancini 

Auditions Director Stefanie Van Steelandt

Treasurer Andrew Urbanski

Chair Lara Marcon

Dorothy Heyl  and Joseph Harding

Barbara Orzakiewicz and Dominique Laffont 

Sue Hochberg and Daniel Ferris 

Eric Laffont, Danielle Strauss, Eric Owens and Melissa Wegner 

Neal Goren and committee member Michelle Everett

Committee members Stefanie Van Steelandt, Lara Marcon and Kelly Davis

Bob Doorenbos
Bob Doorenbos and Devora Spadone
(Almost) the whole committee: Kelly Davis, Stefanie Van Steelandt, Andrew Urbanski, Lara Marcon, Danielle Strauss, Tom Cannon Jr. and Michelle Everett

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