Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Announcing the 2012-2013 Judges

An integral part of our audition process is the judges. They have the difficult task of deciding who to advance to the next round at each level of the audition process. Judges follow a strict set of guidelines in deciding who to advance. At the District Level, judges are allowed to advance as many singers as they see fit, while at the Region Finals the guidelines are a little more defined.

All our judges are professionals in the music business who have the qualifications to identify talent. At the Region Finals, they are also able to offer support in the form of feedback to all singers participating in that round.

All our judges have been in the business for years, and include conductors, vocal coaches, career singers, opera composers, stage directors, artistic administrators and heads of opera companies. Just like everything else at MONC, they offer their services free of charge.

For our new season which is fast approaching we have a set of very distinguished judges. Biographies of all of them will follow soon.

District Auditions:

Peter Kazaras - Director of Opera at UCLA and Director of Seattle Opera Young Artists Program
Steven White - Met Assistant Conductor
Ken Benson - Artist Manager and Consultant

Region Finals:

Gayletha Nichols - Director of the National Council Auditions
Marilyn Horne - Mezzo Soprano (but probably needs no introduction)
Matthew Epstein

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