Friday, September 14, 2012

A Night of Opera in Honor of Jeannette Rohatyn

It was a beautiful night yesterday evening as I walked to the apartment of Dominique and Eric Laffont for a enchanted evening of opera.  As the sun was setting, 56th Street lit up orange and I could feel fall in the air.

The guests took the elevator to the 63rd floor, where the windows opened up onto an amazing view of Central Park and the East Side.  This was of course the perfect backdrop to listen to four world-class singers while wonderful food and beverages were served, courtesy of Eric and Dominique Laffont.

After forty-five minutes of meeting and greeting, it was time for the performances.  The program contained a great sampler of some of the most beautiful operas around, and the intimate setting of the performances left everyone with goose bumps.

Our hosts Dominique and Eric Laffont gave two wonderful introductions.  Dominique remembered her dear friend Jeannette Rohatyn (whose family was in the audience) as she told us some anecdotes about their years spend together working tirelessly for the opera community.  The evening was of course held in honor of Jeannette Rohatyn.  Eric talked about the importance of donations to the organization.  As is well known, the MONC Eastern Region would not be around if it were not for the donations we receive.  That being said, if you love opera and would like to foster new talent, please make a donation.  Opera is not for the elite, but should be for all, and any donation from $1 to $∞ is greatly appreciated.

As Melina (our Chair) and Andrew (our Treasurer) highlighted, we are a volunteer based organization and all proceeds go towards a) organizing the auditions so singers can perform and be judged by the top in their field and b) prize money for the singers so they can pay to take voice lessons and further their careers.  

Dominique Laffont fondly remembering Jeannette Rohatyn
Melina flanked by MC Tom, pianist for the evening Christopher Cano and his wife Jennifer Johnson Cano and Grand Finals finalist Will Liverman
Ricardo Rivera taking on Donizetti
Ricardo and D'Ana getting ready for their duet from Don Giovanni.  Stay tuned for some video of this performance.

D'Ana Lombard giving a moving rendition of Mozart's Non mi Dir from Don Giovanni
Will's first (public) performance of Carmen's Toreador Song.  It was a smashing success.  Video coming soon.
MC Tom introducing Jennifer Johnson Cano 
Strauss's Ariadne auf Naxos
Curtain Call

The evening was a great success and everyone left feeling happy, from the singers who gave a great performance to the audience who enjoyed the friendly chats with the singers.  If you are interested in attending events like this in the future and staying up to date on MONC ER, sign up to our mailing list.  

And some new pictures courtesy of Eric Laffont

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