Saturday, March 10, 2012

Semi-Final Build Up - A Day in the Life of an Auditioner: Will Liverman

This is Part 2 of a look into the daily life of our two singers heading to the Semi-Finals on Sunday March 11, this time featuring Will Liverman's words and performances from the MONC ER Benefit Gala as well as from his Leap Day recital this past Wednesday February 29. Enjoy!

Opera Idols: Please provide a summary of the aftermath of your 1st place win at the Regionals.
Will Liverman: It may be cliche, but it really was a surreal feeling after winning the Regionals in NYC. NYC is one of the most toughest regions to get past with the competition level being so high and so I go in hoping to perform as best I can on that day. Being a singer, most of the time you just never know how decisions are made so you can't beat yourself up if you don't win something. That has always been my mindset going into this competition especially the third time around. Being confident and thinking to myself that I can win, but if I don't win I still know that I'm a good singer and you go on to the next competition. When I heard my name called as one of the 1st place winners I didn't move right away because I wanted to make sure I was hearing correctly. Waiting for results as a singer is THE most nerve wracking thing ever. Rather it be a competition or an audition. Everything hangs in the balance when your waiting for results and announcements of who got what. In the case of the Regionals my name was the last name called so I actually gave up hope after they called Riccardo's name because in my mind I knew they weren't going to take two baritones. I was shocked to find out that I was the other winner. Ever since then I've been really excited about going on to the semi-finals. The only time I've ever sang at the Met is when I was outside facing the Met and I sang a scale. It was fun. Anyway, I've been feeling great and I'm looking forward to singing inside on the Met stage for the first time.

OI: Please describe a typical day for you as your prepare for the Semi Finals....any regular routines? any new routines? diet? exercise? vocal practices? mental exercises? If you can, take us step by step from the time you wake up to the time you drift off to sleep.
WL: Hmmm.... haha I think the main thing for me is NOT to get sick. That's always the case with us singer type. When you have something important coming up you become the most cautious person ever. Every time I feel like I'm going to get sick post regionals I'm taking that airbourne stuff drinking tons of water , a million vitamin C tablets, etc. Its like your body knows you have something important coming up so it decides to fail on you. As for my typical day I really haven't changed anything. I'll wake up and warm up a little bit in my room and eat a big breakfast. Breakfast is the best. I go to school and then sing and coach, go to class and come back home and maybe go through some music and then I'm off to bed. If I were to pinpoint something different about my day its that I'm trying to sing more and keep my voice in good shape. I'll try to sing through my competition arias every other day and keep working at it. My old voice teacher used to say that being a singer is like being an athlete training for a big game. You have to keep exercising and training the voice in order to sing well. At least thats how it is in my case. I think singing when your sick is important to do. Not too long ago I wasn't feeling 100% but I kept singing anyway because you have to know how to sing when your sick and figure out what's different. So if your body decides to fail on you and it will at some point when you have a performance etc. you'll know what to do to make it work.

OI: What will you be singing for the Semi Finals (if this is confidential, please disregard this question of course)
WL: I will be offering Batter my heart from Doctor Atomic, SIbillar gli angui d'Aletto from Rinaldo, Papageno's suicide aria from the Magic Flute, and Silvios' aria from I Pagliacci.

OI: What are your thoughts and feelings as you prepare for the Semi Finals?
WL: There's no doubt I'm going to be super nervous for this next round, but I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy it. At this stage when your competing against the best from around the country it can get intimidating pretty fast. Like I said before I'm going to go in and do my best and if I don't make it to the Grand Finals I still know that I'm a good singer and there's more to singing and life then just winning a competition.

Benefit Gala Concert Performance

Wenn Mein Schatz Hochzeit Macht

Ging Heut Morgen Ubers Feld

Ich Hab Ein Gluhend Messer

Die Zwei Bauen Augen Von Meinem Schatz

Au Fond Du Temple Saint

Chanson Romanesque

Chanson Epique

Chanson a Boire

For You, For Me, For Everyone

They Can't Take That Away From Me

A Woman Is A Sometime Thing


Encore Piece from Porgy and Bess

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