Thursday, March 15, 2012

Post-Semi Finals Interview with Will Liverman

Congratulations Will Liverman!!! Opera Idols managed to get in touch with the MONC Finalist via "online interviewing" during his week of training before Sunday's big conclusion at the Met Opera House. For more information regarding attending the event, go here
Opera Idols - Can you give us a description of what it is like to be part of the Semi-Finals?
Will Liverman - There was a gap of time between regionals and the semis, so the semis was always sitting in the back of my mind until it's time to meet everybody on the first day of orientation and then the nerves start to set in.  It was finally time to get the ball rolling with this next round and things were starting to feel intense. Fortunately, everyone in this group was really nice and we were all supportive of each other. What helped tremendously with our nerves was that the MONC staff and the coaches working with us were so nice and helped us to feel comfortable with this whole process.  

Opera Idols - What were some of the highlights of the experience? What did it feel like to be on stage?
WL - Of course for me and probably everybody the biggest highlight was singing on the stage at the Met.  I mean for all of us it's something a lot of people can't say they've done.  It's a different story when you're facing the house and looking out at this vast space.  For me, it was a whole lot of emotions running through me at once.  Being scared out of your mind, excited, nervous, more excitement and I can't believe I'm doing this. It was something I'll never forget and I enjoyed it very much.

Opera Idols - How are things now as you prepare for the Finals? More relaxed or more intense?
Will Liverman - Things I think are more relaxed.  In my opinion the biggest hurdle is getting past the semis.  With the semis we only have a few days and the most cuts happen at this round.  With the finals at this point in my mind we are all winners.  To get to sing with orchestra and get that exposure on the stage can't be topped.  Also, we know the two arias we are going to sing about a week out so you don't have to worry about the whole aria package. You only have two and you know when on the program you sing them AND you don't have to sing them back to back. So hopefully we can all go out there and have fun singing on the stage!  

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