Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet the Volunteers: Jennifer Bancroft

Tristan and William meeting Nathan Gunn at the
December 21, 2010 family performance of The Magic Flute...
Tristan's hat is from his Halloween costume.
Opera Idols: What moved you to join the committee and get involved in this effort?

Jennifer Bancroft:  I fell in love with opera during a dress rehearsal of La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera which I attended with my junior high chorus in 7th grade.  The Zeffirelli staging of the Bohème rehearsal is still a Met standard today.  Hooked in junior high, I have been a season subscriber since my early 20’s and have witnessed so many fabulous performances. Sitting in the balcony, I cried during Luciano’s last performance in March 2004.  When Juan Diego Florez sang “Mes Amis” I jumped to join the standing ovation and applauded even harder for his encore performance!  In 2009 my  three year old son attended a dress rehearsal of the Magic Flute (in German) and Papegano became a household idol; a Papegano Halloween costume was the result.  My husband and I joined the Young Associates the year after it was formed.  When the Patron’s office sent an email in May asking if members were interested in volunteering for the MONC Eastern Region, I leapt at the chance to help support young talented artists and find the next idol of The Metropolitan Opera!  

OI: What have you enjoyed about volunteering with the auditions?
JB:  The amazing vocal talent of the artists and meeting the creative and talented members who donate their time and expertise to help the artists are the most amazing reward of the MONC/ER experience.

OI: Do you have a favourite opera/aria/composer/singer?
JB: My oldest son is named Tristan, after Tristan und Isolde and most definitely not the Brad Pitt movie (which I still have not seen or know the name of) or the film Tristan+Isolde, released in the year Tristan was born.  My favorite artist is Kiri Te Kanawa.  As a 9 year old watching Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding, Kiri sang “ Blessed the Bright Seraphim” and I was hooked (check out the hat, it gives Princess Beatrice’s hat a run for the money).    

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