Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet the Sponsors: Martin Jobes Design

Martin Jobes Design is the third sponsor of our gala; and they will be providing us with amazing flowers to decorate the Kosciuszko Foundation.

We spoke with Naomi Martin, who gave us the following info on the company:

Martin Jobes Design is a full-service boutique design and special events firm committed to providing excellence, personal attention and creative solutions for our clients.  With backgrounds in fashion, interior design, theater set design and fine art, our team skillfully manages every aspect of your project.  At Martin Jobes Design we treat each and every event as if it were our own. Whether it's a private function or a corporate event, we offer customized services including:

  • floral and event design 
  • innovative prop design and fabrication
  • custom linen, draperies and accessories
  • lighting design

Opera Idols:  Where do you get inspiration for your floral arrangements?  Is there anything in opera that particularly inspires you?
Naomi Martin:  We find inspiration in many different areas - definitely the seasons are an inspiration, along with the scope and direction of a specific event.
We draw inspiration from all disciplines of the arts - music, fine art, design, architecture and performance.
Winter Wonderland at the New York Botanical Garden
The sets and costumes of the opera are particularly inspiring!

OI:  Does the company participate in any other philanthropic endeavors?  Have you been involved with the opera before?
NM:  Yes, we are involved with several fundraising events.  This is our first experience with the opera in New York.

OI:  What made you decide to sponsor MONC/ER?
NM:  We feel it is important to support the arts.

OI:  What do you hope the Auditions will contribute to the future of opera?
NM:  We hope the MONC will provide participants access to auditions/awards they would not have the chance to have otherwise.  It's amazing to have these auditions on a National level.

OI:  What is important these days to promote your company?  Does social media play a big role?
NM:  Strong relationships with partnered venues and vendors are very important - we find that is the strongest reference a client can get.  It is important that clients get a strong team - especially for large events.  And social media is getting more important every day!

OI:  Do you have a favorite opera/aria/composer?
NM:  Both Chris and I enjoy Verdi, my mother loves Puccini - especially Madama Butterfly.  I wish she was in town right now! I'll have to go to give her a full report.

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