Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meet the 3rd Place Winner: D'Ana Lombard

It wasn't until D'Ana sat down for her interview that I found out the proper pronunciation of her name: dee-ana. Not that she minds the mispronunciations she has undoubtedly withstood over the years. Our 24 year old soprano from Garden City South, Long Island is a bubbly and charming girl with a good sense of humour.

For as long as she can remember, D'Ana has always sung. In sixth grade she started formal voice study by taking Broadway voice lessons, but she soon discovered that she was actually quite good at classical singing. In High School she pursued this direction a little further, and when it came time to go to college, she decided to pursue a B.M. in Classical Voice performance at SUNY Purchase. Ms. Lombard could not praise her college experience highly enough, overflowing about the great teachers she met there, and expressing how thankful she was to be a part of a program which allows everyone to get real stage experience as an undergrad, and thereby prepares them for the practical realities of live opera. Ms. Lombard is currently studying at Mannes School of Music (where she also attained her Masters Degree) in their Professional Studies Diploma program. She has had many rewarding experiences in the Opera Program at Mannes and is now excited to take on the role of Donna Anna in Mannes Opera's May performance of Don Giovanni. 

This was Ms. Lombard's first time auditioning for the Metropolitan Opera National Council. 

Opera Idols: Do you have a favourite opera/aria/composer? 
D'Ana Lombard: Right now, no...currently submerged in working on a production of Don Giovanni. When I've heard every opera, I will be able to tell you which one is my favourite.

OI: Do you come from a musical family? Any singers?
DL: My parents can sing but I am the first trained singer in the family. My mom is my inspiration to work hard as she has multiple degrees and is always improving herself, learning new things.

OI: Any advice to future auditioners/opera singers?
DL: Regarding nerves...just know and remember that one audition (or performance) will not make or break you. The reason you are here is because you love to sing.

OI: What have you enjoyed about these MONC ER auditions?
DL: Just how nice and calm the backstage experience is..there is camaraderie and a positive atmosphere.

OI: Do you have any preparation or post-audition techniques?
DL: I get up super early, take a hot shower (to warm up my vocal chords), start talking, do my hair/make up, warm up my voice at home, then I rent a space to warm up in the city...and just before I arrive at the venue I get a green tea...breathing in the fumes of the tea...and then once it is of drinkable temperature I consume it to keep my chords warm. Afterwards, I get such a happy endorphin rush that I want to run down the street!

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