Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet a 1st Place Winner: Will Liverman

Mr. Liverman, 23, is a serious, mature looking young man for his age, but perhaps this goes with the territory of being a Baritone. From Virginia Beach, Virginia, I was soon drawn in by his deep, rich Southern drawl as he sat down with me to talk about his background.

As a child, Mr. Liverman grew up in the Gospel music world, not only commencing his career at 10 years old as a singer and pianist at his church, but also having an international singer/songwriter for a mom (let me mention Terry Liverman who is now recording her first solo album). I can only imagine what a joy it is to be around when the two of them get together and create music.

During his high school days, Will actually attended two schools, taking classes at both his regular high school along with music courses at the Governer's School for the Arts in Norfolk wherein he was accepted into the vocal program. It was here where he received a good introduction to classical music and found his voice as an opera singer.

This is Will's third cycle of auditioning with this competition.

Opera Idols: Do you have a favourite opera/aria/composer?
Will Liverman: is short, sweet and the music is gorgeous, there is drama, and there is not a single part that I do not enjoy.

OI: Any advice to future auditioners/opera singers?
WL: My tip to singers is to not worry about the other singers competing...this can throw you off your art and once you put your thoughts (of worry) in your mind, you are defeated. Just focus on what you do and enjoy yourself...don't forget that this is a chance to perform.

OI: What have you enjoyed about these MONC ER auditions?
WL: There are not many vocal art forums where you get to sing and win a significant cash prize. Here, you have a good time singing and if you happen to win it's even better. But you have to compete and get up there, and it feels more comfortable every time you do it.

OI: Do you have any post-audition relaxation techniques?
WL: I go and eat something...a hamburger because it's my favorite.


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